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Banks and Lenders

How ACE Delivers Highly Qualified Borrowers to Lenders

The ACE platform incorporates lenders’ loan criteria to assure they receive only requests for loans they are likely to approve and fund. Client loan requests are transferred directly to the lenders through the ACE platform. The ACE program provides lenders with unprecedented access to a market that traditionally they have not been able to address. And the program’s key feature, pre-qualification screening, may significantly improve the efficiency of client acquisition and reduce origination costs.


Loan Products

Initially, ACE is offering access to securities-based (SBL) and unsecured lending solutions. SBL products are fully collateralized and offer unique advantages over traditional consumer finance to both lenders and borrowers. Both SBLs and unsecured loans can substitute or replace traditional financing for significant client borrowing needs such as seasonal cash flow supplements, home purchase/refinance, business investment, tax obligations and other large-ticket items.

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